CF patients and their caretakers must keep track of all kinds of dates. Rather than try to remember them all, I encourage you to write them down. Use whatever methods works for you.

Online calendars (often accompany email accounts). They show you daily, weekly, and monthly views. When you write an “event” onto the calendar, the program will send you an email reminder of that event at whatever date and time you select. You can also easily search for events in the search bar.

Wall calendars: Every morning when you wake up these remind you of the events you have for that day.

A calendar can be used for keeping track of:
• Doctor appointments
• Lab work appointments (some doctors ask that patients get blood tests a week before their quarterly visit)
• When to ask your doctor for more prescription refills
• When your medical supplies will arrive in the mail (that way you can arrange to be home that day in case the package arrives)
• When to start or stop your Tobi rotation
• When to stop an antibiotic
• Follow up calls you need to make with your doctor
• When to pay your bills
• Birthdays
• Time with loved ones
• Trips

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