Healing Rituals

Many people with CF have over a dozen medications, supplements, and breathing treatments to do multiple times a day. To stay on top of our health, we need a system of creating stability. You might occasionally forget to take your Tobi at night, or even brush your teeth. Here's a solution for forgetfulness:

Write down everything you need to do before you go to bed every night. Tape it up in a high-traffic area of your home.

I have created both beginners and advanced samples to give you an idea. I recommend you start small and add on as you succeed.

1. Inhale medications during chest physical therapy (Clapping, Flutter, The Vest).
2. Brush teeth and floss.
3. Lay out outfit for tomorrow (no more worrying about what to wear during morning grogginess).

Once your routine becomes second nature, try adding items from this version, customizing it to your needs:

1. Inhale medications during chest physical therapy.
2. Brush teeth and floss.
3. Lay out outfit for tomorrow.
4. Love your body (Clip your toenails, meditate, do some stretches, etc.).
5. Spend 5 minutes tidying up around the house.
6. Read something soothing.
7. Set your alarm for 8-9 hours later (Be sure to start your Evening Routine with plenty of time so you do not lose sleep. Sleep is essential for immune system function--and brain function!).
8. Refill water bottle: Bring a canteen when you leave the house to stay hydrated.
9. Water plants: Keeping plants in your room increases the amount of oxygen. Thank them with water and sunshine.

Whenever I notice that I am forgetting something repeatedly, I write it into my routine to remind me. Something about writing it down and keeping it handy makes me more likely to do it.

Wind down before bed with your Evening Ritual tonight!

1. Inhale medications during chest physical therapy.
2. Make and eat breakfast.
3. Do your dishes.
3. Brush your teeth and floss.
4. Make your bed.

Remember to customize this to fit what works for you! When you are ready, add more.

1. Drink some water (Extra water helps with mucus clearance).
2. Inhale medications during chest physical therapy.
3. Do Fitness Routine (A little bit is better than nothing!).
4. Wash nebulizers.
5. Make breakfast.
6. Check your blood sugar.
7. Record data in your Glucose Chart.
8. Eat.
9. Do your dishes.
10. Brush teeth.
11. Make your bed.
12. Get dressed: Wear something that makes you feel confident.

Designate one day a week for doing regular tasks. For example:

Mondays: Desk tasks (filing, paying bills, making calls)
Wednesdays: Appointments, grocery shopping and other errands
Fridays: Laundry (Load, Move to Drier, Fold, and Put Away)

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    I struggle with depression over this illness. how do you handle it?