What you can accomplish here:

• Create and stick to a personalized routine to fit in all your treatments
• Make your home a clean, tidy, and peaceful oasis
• Be prepared for your CF Center visits
• Know where to find your medical paperwork
• Go to the grocery store once a week and have enough of everything
• As part of your weight gain plan put fresh, nutritious food into your body
• Get all your prescriptions taken care of once a month
• Learn to appreciate the advantages of having CF


  1. You go girl! It's good to know that you're here. I've got a friend I'm going to tell about your efforts.

    Fight the fight!

    Dan in Portland

  2. Claire Noelle Frost11.2.06

    Thanks so much! One way anyone with CF can help promote this site is by giving my blog address (www.fightyourcf.blogspot.com) to their doctors. Soon I will post a printable business card that you can cut up and leave in your clinic waiting room (with permission of course).

  3. Hey! sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Life has been very hectic.

    I was diagnosed with CF at 3 weeks old. When I was 8 I started having problems with Nasal Polyps. Digestion has always been a huge problem for me. My parents have always believed that proper nutrition makes a big difference when dealing with over all health.

    I starting adding some nutrients to my diet about 3 years ago and I've seen nothing but improvement. right now I feel NORMAL! I take no prescriptions from doctor's because they don't give me any! I feel great and I love my quality of life and I'm living a normal life.

    My firm belief is that drugs are a means to an end. To help your body until you find the nutrients it needs and then it will take care of itself.

    My mission is now to share this with every CF family and CF adult. I have a website about my life with CF www.freewebs.com/cflife if you want to know more about how CF has impacted my life.

    I applaud your determination to fight back,


  4. Lucy Goodrich5.10.06

    You are a conquistadora of cf -- thank you for working so hard in
    everything you endeavor to do. From day one, that has been Claire --
    Strong, Dedicated, Tough, Kind, Beautiful, Smart, Determined

    Love, Mom